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Top 10 Construction Tech Startups - 2021

The appeal of construction technology innovations lies in their promise and capacity to enable companies to build faster and smarter. Construction tech startups are empowering builders with unprecedented levels of transparency, choice, and convenience, making them highly efficient and competitive.

Advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are dramatically reshaping construction by wiping out long-standing inefficacies, including low productivity and erroneous operations. Additionally, construction companies are embedding sensors in workers’ apparel to track their movement and usual routes. This data from field observations help monitor the job site to maximize efficiency.

At the same time, virtual reality (VR) simulators are increasingly growing in popularity as they bring immense benefits for safety training. Construction workers can learn to operate specialized machinery in a safe, computer-generated environment, as well as deal with challenging circumstances on the site.

As such, technological progressions in the arena are helping construction companies improve their building practices in smarter, unimaginable ways. This edition of Construction Tech Review features startups with expertise in offering state-of-the-art construction tech solutions. A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Construction Tech Review’s editorial board has compiled a list of construction tech startups. The enlisted companies leverage innovative technologies to deliver the tools, resources, and solutions that construction companies need to accelerate business growth and improve bottom lines. In order to assist CIOs in identifying the right construction tech startup, Construction Tech Review presents to you “Top 10 Construction Tech Startups - 2021.”

    Top Construction Tech Startups

  • The company’s product, Atlas, provides rich data on virtually every commercial property in North America, along with pipeline management tools to help commercial services companies find and win new business. Atlas provides sales professionals and their executives with a map view of all buildings in their proximity and brings forth building information, contact information, ownership data, and permit history, all at the click of a button. This built-in prowess enables subcontractors and service providers to quickly identify new service opportunities and related decision makers. Additionally, many teams seamlessly populate their existing client data onto Atlas to gain insightful geo-local property information. All the sales-related workflows, including task management and reminders-n-alerts, tie back to the virtually rendered physical locations of the buildings, making it all the easier for sales professionals to act on them

  • DigsFact is on a mission to democratize access to cutting-edge virtual tours with capabilities unheard of. The company aims to enable any person to create an avatar of themselves in the virtual world, improve the visuals with additional information in various formats, and share it with anyone on any platform, at a negligible cost. DigsFact’s technology has emerged as the swiss army knife for home builders, commercial property builders, and renovation tools providers. As the end customers have detailed information about the property, agents have a greater chance of dealing with a pool of serious buyers

  • Fieldwire offers a jobsite management platform that enables contractors to enable effective transmissions of information between all stakeholders involved in a project.Fieldwire enables building companies to monitor every person on-site, allowing general and subcontractors to deliver the right plans to the foreman and field workers. Contractors with the capability to oversee the project remotely can assure that buildings are made according to the latest schematics and avoid severe losses due to miscommunication between the various stakeholders.Fieldwire also empowers skilled or specialist personnel such as mechanical, electrical, or civil sub-contractors to track the progress of a project, further improving the quality of operation

  • Manufacton empowers construction firms to set up fabrication facilities by shipping volumetric modular pieces of the building to the job-site

  • SkillSmart offers one of the only comprehensive solutions that collect workforce and diverse supplier data to help general contractors/ owners measure economic impact on communities and adhere to regulatory requirements

  • The Strukshur Platform is a revolutionary online design and project management system that helps both contractors and homeowners ace their remodeling, construction and home improvement game. Long Description: The Strukshur Platform is a revolutionary online design and project management system that helps both contractors and homeowners ace their remodeling, construction, and home improvement game. With a unique combination of inspiration, design, and technology, the platform not only saves contractors and designers time but also seamlessly streamlines the entire construction process. The Strukshur Platform combines scheduling, information management, and schedule of finishes while ensuring the availability of project information across the entire design and construction team. Strukshur’s software comes with a built-in direct messaging platform and an agile task management system.

  • Wye River Technologies

    Wye River Technologies

    Wye River Technologies, (WRT) has developed (KTrack) an Owner centric, vendor-neutral platform, delivered as a SaaS model, that solves the interoperability challenges Owners confront on a daily basis while managing their facilities

  • CIPO Cloud

    CIPO Cloud

    CIPO Cloud (CIPO) has worked with stakeholders to develop a product that helps them overcome problems frequently encountered when managing Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) and projects respectively. CIPO is an end-to-end Cloud-platform that allows for real-time tracking, managing, and visualizing of both single and multiple programs and projects. This level of transparency allows for greater accuracy, efficiency, and accountability between all members of a project, which in turn benefits the integrity program

  • EquipmentShare


    A construction technology solutions company helping the modern-day contractor get more done. With equipment rental solutions and cloud-connected telematics platform Track, they have captured customers in nearly every state. It's EquipmentShare's mission to further foster innovation throughout the dated construction industry. EquipmentShare helps contractors across the country build better and work smarter with the help of Track smart jobsite technology. In an industry ripe for disruption and innovation, EquipmentShare offers smart jobsite solutions that help contractors improve productivity and efficiency. Offer contractors a better way to manage mixed construction fleets by leveraging technology solutions to work smarter, more efficiently, and increase productivity

  • WorkerSense


    WorkerSense offers innovative wearable technology-based solutions that provide sensor-driven insights to enhance job site visibility and workforce engagement. Using these offerings, contractors can streamline time and attendance tracking, automate routine data entry processes, better manage individual health and safety, and give trades men due credit for their hard work. The company’s smart, hard hat mounted sensor, called the T9 wearable sensor, serves as the collection hub of all the insights from the site. These sensors are connected via LTE cellular and allow clients to access site-related information from any location on any device. These active sensors include a variety of environmental and motion sensors, along with a GPS module and other communication infrastructure. WorkerSense also provides a site command center tool, WorkerSense COMMAND, which runs on Apple TVs and visualizes live job site information in a big-screen environment. Apart from meeting the needs of owners and project teams successfully, WorkerSense's Tradesman app for iOS and Android gives workers direct access to their personal health, safety, and production data, contributing to a broader theme of transparency reflected across the system as a whole

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