APE Mobile: Automating Site Paperwork

Matt Edwards, Founder & CEO, APE MobileMatt Edwards, Founder & CEO
Despite technological advancements across industries, today, the construction sector is one of the least digitized. Most construction companies still use paper forms for data collection, safety, and work orders due to inherent characteristics of the industry. APE (Applied Project Experience) Mobile—the paperless site app for contractors—automates site paperwork by integrating all form templates, checklists, and drawings into a low cost paperless app. According to Matt Edwards, Founder and CEO, APE, “We’ve taken a unique approach to going paperless— a solution better than ‘paper forms’ for the user, and low risk for the company. It enables efficiency without risking major change.” The firm’s innovative APE Mobile application allows organizations save time on site with zero data entry back in the office.
“We designed our application from ground up to work with the same paper forms that the user already has” adds Edwards. The easy-to-learn application allows users to submit construction data forms within minutes even when the user is offline. The feature-rich app also converts user’s word templates into PDFs of data entry forms. Being fully digitalized and automated, the app allows all the data to be synced to all the connected devices so that everyone is on the same page. “Automation and user-friendliness are important factors for us,” adds Edwards. The APE Mobile application registers the site-related documents and organizes them with sequence numbers and metadata so that the users can easily find them anytime. The application not only supports seamless template import with its premium Word Engine, but also allows data exporting and integration with API.

“APE captures the data entered in each record, stores it in a central database built on the world’s best cloud infrastructure, ensuring data security, as well as seamless back up.” This not only allows an efficient update of records, but it makes data, documents, and images available to be exported or integrated to other enterprise systems to provide even more productivity.

Since inception, APE has been assisting industry leaders in Heavy Civil, Road Building and Commercial Construction to “go paperless” on their sites. In one such instance, APE helped a leading civil contracting business that had issues with their complex data gathering in paper form, due to which often the data was collected incorrectly as they could not receive the latest information from their ERP system. This resulted in data mismatch, forcing people to manually extract data. “After deploying our system, supervisors could collect data and make it available within seconds. Moreover, the supervisors could complete their daily reports faster, allowing them to complete the data process within a few minutes, that earlier took about 10 days,” notes Edwards.
  • We designed our application from ground up to work with the same paper forms that the user already has

As today’s construction industry is highly regulated, the firm focuses on building a system that adapts to the processes of each customer. “Our solution is designed to allow the customers maintain their existing standards which is a critical factor for every organization to achieve their business goals,” he concludes.
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