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Top 10 Construction Tech Startups - 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how the construction industry works or invests in technology, in general. In fact, COVID-19 may have done more to propel the industry forward technology-wise than the massive influx of venture capital could do over the last few years.

Today, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is making its mark on construction. On the engineering side, digital capabilities surrounding predictive design, digital building twins, and the use of augmented and virtual reality during the project planning stage can eliminate costs and speed the development timeline for major projects. And on the construction side, many connected job sites are using cloud technology to make information about almost every aspect of a project available to all the relevant parties anywhere in the world. Besides, robots are now beginning to enter construction in several areas to replace the manual workforce amid the pandemic. From autonomous rovers that can increase site inspections’ efficiency and quality to mechanical arms that can automate highly repetitive tasks like brick-laying, the robotic revolution looks set to gather significant pace in the coming year.

Drones are also becoming increasingly common in construction projects. From performing inspections that would be dangerous for workers to surveying vast land areas in just a few minutes, drones’ continual rise could considerably improve safety and productivity in construction. Simultaneously, mitigation of risk on the job site through the latest workforce safety digital tools (e.g., wearable sensors) are making significant changes in costs related to liability and insurance in the future.

To assist the relevant stakeholders of a construction project in finding construction tech solution providers, we have compiled this issue of Construction Tech Review. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 construction tech startups to highlight those making significant contributions to the construction sector. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these companies are set to transform the landscape. This edition also blends thought leadership articles from subject matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs, along with real-life stories on how the companies have enhanced the capabilities of architects, designers, engineers, and contractors alike. We hope this issue of Construction Tech Review helps you build the partnership you and your construction project need to succeed in a competitive landscape.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s, “Top 10 Construction Tech Startups– 2020.”

    Top Construction Tech Startups

  • CIPO Cloud (CIPO) has worked with stakeholders to develop a product that helps them overcome problems frequently encountered when managing Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) and projects respectively. CIPO is an end-to-end Cloud-platform that allows for real-time tracking, managing, and visualizing of both single and multiple programs and projects. This level of transparency allows for greater accuracy, efficiency, and accountability between all members of a project, which in turn benefits the integrity program

  • DigsFact is on a mission to democratize access to cutting-edge virtual tours with capabilities unheard of. The company aims to enable any person to create an avatar of themselves in the virtual world, improve the visuals with additional information in various formats, and share it with anyone on any platform, at a negligible cost. DigsFact’s technology has emerged as the swiss army knife for home builders, commercial property builders, and renovation tools providers. As the end customers have detailed information about the property, agents have a greater chance of dealing with a pool of serious buyers

  • Construction companies of all sizes use Fieldwire to power clear communication on over 750,000 projects worldwide. With its easy-to-use mobile application, Fieldwire saves each user 1 hour every day by enabling more efficient information sharing onsite. Fieldwire’s key features include plan viewing, task management, issue tracking, reporting, and more — all accessible from one place. Fieldwire is venture-backed by top investors in the industry and is already transforming the way dispersed teams communicate and collaborate on projects. Fieldwire is the easiest way for construction companies to stay organized on the jobsite

  • KTrack provides a facility management platform that organizes data in a facility asset library to streamline handover processes from design through delivery

  • Manufacton empowers construction firms to set up fabrication facilities by shipping volumetric modular pieces of the building to the job-site. Complementing this innovative approach to construction, Manufacton enables its clients to plan, track, and optimize their prefabricated assemblies, kits and materials. Through these services, Manufacton provides greater visibility, collaboration and insights throughout the entire construction process. At the core of these competencies is Manufacton’s Cloud-based (mobile/web) SaaS platform

  • SkillSmart is a growing construction tech company providing solutions for compliance and hiring needs. They offer one of the only comprehensive solutions that collect workforce and diverse supplier data to help general contractors/ owners measure economic impact on communities and adhere to regulatory requirements. They also offer the platform for enhancing community engagement by streamlining the hiring process and pathway to training resources. The technology leveraged by SkillSmart provides client-specific solutions without customized prices and ensure their clients are capable of responding to their unique market challenge

  • WorkerSense offers innovative wearable technology-based solutions that provide sensor-driven insights to enhance job site visibility and workforce engagement. Using these offerings, contractors can streamline time and attendance tracking, automate routine data entry processes, better manage individual health and safety, and give trades men due credit for their hard work. The company’s smart, hard hat mounted sensor, called the T9 wearable sensor, serves as the collection hub of all the insights from the site. These sensors are connected via LTE cellular and allow clients to access site-related information from any location on any device. These active sensors include a variety of environmental and motion sensors, along with a GPS module and other communication infrastructure. WorkerSense also provides a site command center tool, WorkerSense COMMAND, which runs on Apple TVs and visualizes live job site information in a big-screen environment. Apart from meeting the needs of owners and project teams successfully, WorkerSense's Tradesman app for iOS and Android gives workers direct access to their personal health, safety, and production data, contributing to a broader theme of transparency reflected across the system as a whole

  • Avetta


    Avetta provides a cloud-based supply chain risk management and commercial marketplace platform. The company global solution is uniquely designed to connect the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, driving sustainable growth. The firm build trustworthy bonds through responsive technology and human insight. The company process is collaborative. The firm global reach is complemented by our local expertise. Hundreds of global organizations depend on Avetta to align their supply chains to sustainable business practices, worldwide. Discover more at

  • Colligo


    Colligo was founded in 2000 with a single goal: to help organizations best utilize and protect the valuable information created and shared by their workers everyday. Provide intuitive tools for intelligent knowledge management that integrate SharePoint and Microsoft 365, and support the diverse ways that people work including on mobile devices and offline

  • eSUB Construction Software

    eSUB Construction Software

    Founded and headquartered in San Diego, CA, eSUB is the leader of mobile and cloud-based project management and document control software designed specifically for subcontractors in the construction industry. Built on 30-plus years of expertise, eSUB’s easy to use, software-as-a-service solution helps self-performing contractors increase standardization, accountability, productivity, and profits

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