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The Future of Machines

The construction market has finally caught on with the world. Traditionally a slow adopter when it comes to adopting new technologies, today’s builders, contractors, and construction companies are leveraging the latest trends such as big data, mobile, cloud, social, and analytics to keep pace with the increase in demand patterns.

Among the hoard of new technologies, what will be interesting to see is the impact of IoT, as it proliferates through the space. IoT is all set to drive the future of construction as companies are becoming more adept at building smarter devices into various construction tools and equipments. There are plenty of opportunities for IoT in this realm, including smart equipment to intelligent buildings and worker wearables. Major equipment manufacturers are already investing heavily in these concepts although there is a lot of speculation. A case in point would be Rolls Royce, which installs close to 25 sensors in its commercial jet aircraft engines to measure variables such as pressure, temperature, shaft speed, vibration level, and more.

With the growth of “intelligent machines” in the sector, it is still really up to the imagination as to what this trend can do to the construction space. Possibilities such as an excavator conversing with a new hydraulic control valve, a self-driving service truck arriving at the jobsite and fabricating the part on its mobile 3D printer is a relief to the modern CIO.

Rest assured, the Internet of Things would definitely be an area to keep an eye on alongside the other elements changing this space. With so much in store for the players in this space, this edition sheds light on some of the prominent firms and their evolving role in this space. Flip through the pages and let us know your thoughts.

    Top Companies

  • Provides a paperless site app for civil construction and engineering industry

  • Develops construction management software to connect workers on site and subcontractors through a collaborative cloud environment

  • Offers a complete set of integrated ERP solutions to enhance end-to-end processes in the construction industry

  • Helps project managers to improve project efficiency with viable project management tools

  • A software company that leverages machine learning to streamline the manual tedious tasks in the construction industry

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