Pype: The 'Game Changers' of the Construction Industry

Sunil Dorairajan, CEO & Co-founder, PypeSunil Dorairajan, CEO & Co-founder
The construction industry landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift with the adoption of sophisticated technology innovations like vertical-specific apps and software platforms. Shrewd construction companies are leveraging the power of the cloud, analytics, and mobility to execute projects in a cost-effective manner.

However, construction is a complex process, one that requires the assessment of data from several sources—design plans, project manuals, technical construction documentation, and more. Many construction firms struggle to generate submittal logs within time and meet the tight deadlines amid budget constraints, and reduced labor and a shortage of project managers and engineers have forced contractors to rethink how to optimize their staff on hand. Enter Pype, a software services company that leverages patented machine learning and AI to transform the construction industry. “We offer a web-based specification identification platform that automates the tedious manual tasks of construction business processes which ultimately enhances quality, speed, and efficiency,” says Sunil Dorairajan, the co-founder, and CEO of Pype.
“Ours is the only product in the market that can generate a complete submittal registry in a few minutes,” adds Alistair Potts, Pype’s VP of Sales.

Pype offers cloud-based software products designed for general contractors and owners— those who analyze project specifications—to automate the submittal log creation process. Pype AutoSpecs is an automatic submittal log generation tool that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the specification document and creates detailed submittal logs within minutes. It helps the client get a crystal-clear understanding of their project requirements and also get accurate and complete submittal logs, speeding up the start of the construction process. AutoSpecs also integrates effortlessly with several leading project management platforms in the construction technology landscape, which makes it easier for the client to adopt Pype.

For instance, the project manager of a building company was struggling with the time-consuming process of validating and creating submittal logs using spreadsheets. This manager zeroed in on Pype and used the AutoSpecs product to develop efficient workflows and improve their ROI. By accurately identifying all project requirements early on in the planning process, the team was able to save on costly time delays and missed requirements. The partnership is still going strong as the client continues to utilize Pype’s products to streamline their processes in construction.
  • We have the unique advantage of being able to understand the pain points our clients experience during a project and deliver technology-driven products that can make a difference in the construction industry

Additional product offerings include Closeout and eBinder, which enables construction project teams to accelerate the collection of closeout and turnover documentation to finish early and stronger. The dedicated customer service department at Pype collects information from the new customer to understand the type of mapping and integration that needs to be created for their individual project. The implementation and onboarding process for the team is a seamless process which takes just a few hours to complete. The platform is easy to use and designed in a way that delivers more efficient workflows along with stellar customer experience allowing project teams to reach substantial completion with a completed turnover package in hand and collect retention monies faster.

“Our products are completely feature-rich today, but we are still not complacent,” says Potts. Pype is growing aggressively, with a focus on rolling out additional product enhancements and moving forward as an innovator driven by user feedback and partnerships. “We have the unique advantage of being able to understand the pain points our clients experience during a project and deliver technology-driven products that can make a difference in the construction industry,” concludes Dorairajan.
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