Bidtracer: Automated Construction Management Spearhead

Samir Gulrajani, VP and Krishan Mehta, President, BidtracerSamir Gulrajani, VP and Krishan Mehta, President
Twelve years ago, when evolving technologies were disrupting the business scenario, construction industry veterans Samir Gulrajani and Krishan Mehta discovered that there was a dearth of solutions that particularly catered to the subcontractor market. With a vision to automate the construction domain, thenceforth, the two entrepreneurs joined hands and set up Bidtracer in 2005. While most of its counterparts doled out generic solutions, Bidtracer brought to the table a software solution especially crafted to bolster the relationship between second-tier and third-tier contractors by connecting them through a synergistic cloud environment. “We provide all the software that subcontractors need to operate—from both construction side and service side,” says Gulrajani, Vice President, Bidtracer.

Bidtracer was initiated with a focus primarily on sales; the duo observed that most of the existing CRMs in the market did not configure adequately to the construction industry. To this end, the company developed a robust CRM, SalesTracer that could operate both as a stand-alone and an integrated solution for tracking leads and opportunities, simultaneously measuring sales activities.
Today, Bidtracer has expanded its offerings from a construction sales tool to a well-wrought project management suite that incorporates a gamut of modules— Bid Management, Invitation to Bid, Building Automation and Controls (BAC) Estimate Tool, Project Management, CRM, and Service Estimate Tool.

Elaborating on the firm’s entourage of services, Gulrajani points out Bid Management as the key module which helps users keep track of bids along with managing customer documents. Adding value to bid management is the Project Management module that can effectively manage billing records and change orders which in turn enables the users to collaborate with their customers smoothly. In terms of service assessment, Bidtracer’s Service Estimate Tool comes in handy whereby users can quickly draft service agreements by choosing from over 75 types of equipment with pre-determined tasking and rates to generate proposals for preventive maintenance. Most importantly, the firm renders a BAC Estimate Tool—a tool designed specifically for that area of the market which deals with building parts and pieces for construction projects. “This is one of the very few tools in the world for estimating building automation,” adds Gulrajani.

As an enhancement to its fine-tuned services, Bidtracer offers a user-friendly mobile interface that facilitates easy communication between subcontractors and workers on site, enabling them to annotate plans and create RFIs or internal issues thereby saving a lot of valuable time. The company further goes into the process of acquiring relevant information from the clients’ contacts and importing all the data into their systems. An added benefit that Bidtracer provides is intensive training for all its clients to ensure that they are implementing Bidtracer’s solutions in an effective manner so as to garner the best outcome. These utility services bear the fruit of the Bidtracer team’s collective and profound knowledge of the technicalities related to software.
  • Our user-friendly mobile interface connects subcontractors and workers on site enabling them to annotate plans and create RFIs

Owing to their seasoned expertise in software, the team often comes across a multitude of queries from clients regarding the openness of their software solution. In this context, Gulrajani remarks “Our software can be integrated easily with various other applications augmenting the customer experience.”

Treading on the heels of Bidtracer’s powerful subcontractor-oriented mobile solution is its next-in-line, web-based accounting system. Exuding unwavering perseverance, the team at Bidtracer strives to leave no stone unturned while churning out this new product so as to match the caliber of its introductory solution.
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